I’ve been nominated …


I am so excited to have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award; many thanks to Laura at Hundred and Counting for bestowing this honor upon me.

For those of you who do not know (which included me until three days ago) this award is a way for us, here in the blogosphere, to acknowledge and support newbies. Newbies being defined as bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.


As you can see, the rules for participation are here on the right.

My answers to Laura’s questions are:

1) What made you start blogging? To find my voice and and to find community.
2) Are you an indoor or an outdoor person at heart? These days I’ve become something of a recluse. I do intend for that to change. I love the out of doors.
3) If you could make one wish to change the world, what would it be? On this very human of journeys that we all share, I would invite people to learn to listen with their hearts and not their heads.
4)What’s your pet peeve? Nothing irritates more than to have to sit in traffic behind a person turning left who keeps passing up the opportunity as if waiting for an engraved invitation. I always end up apologizing to my dog who has to listen to me scream. It is not a pretty sight.
5)What would you recommend that I read next? Right now I’m reading, Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life.
6)If you were the DJ, which record would you play? The Eagles song Learn to be Still. To my knowledge they only ever recorded it on their Hell Freezes Over Concert Album. The song is like therapy for me.
7)What did you dream of when you were ten years old? I’m 62 years old so that is really digging deep into the archives. I probably dreamed about dogs and horses.
8)Have you experienced love at first sight? Doesn’t have to be with a person. When I met my dog, Rosie. She belonged to a friend who could no longer keep her. She was my first psychiatric service dog and is now retired.
9)What is your favorite musical instrument? (you don’t have to know how to play it) guitar
10)Who is the most inspiring person you know? Why? These days I’m excited and inspired by Pope Francis. I grew up with the church and even attended Catholic school but cut off all contact as soon as I left my parents’ house. It felt like a dinosaur doomed to extinction for it’s rigidity. I love watching Pope Francis shake up the landscape with his humility and forgiveness.
11)What do you consider your personal super food? I love the super greens; especially a mix of young chard, kale and spinach.

I nominate these people/blogs for the Liebster Award:

… okay, gang, these are the questions I want you to answer for me:

  1. What compels you to keep a blog?
  2.  What stifles your creative process?
  3. Tell me one thing about yourself that would surprise me.
  4.  Dog person? Cat person? Neither? Both?
  5. Tell me something special about the place that you live? It could be your home, city or country.
  6.  Music is my therapy … recommend some songs for me.
  7. What book/books are you reading right now?
  8.  Introvert or extrovert?
  9.  Do you listen to music when you write? What kind?
  10. Do you write in solitude or in public?
  11.  Do you have a dedicated writing space?

Best of luck, everyone. Participation is, of course, optional. I just hope you’ll have fun with it


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