Crisis of the heart …


I used to think the worst thing in life
was to end up all alone,
it’s not.
The worst thing in life
is to end up with people
that make you feel all alone. 

Robin Williams


I have this recurring nightmare. I’m in the middle of a round swimming pool frantically treading water and desperate to keep my head above water. My arms are flailing; my feet are kicking and I’m choking on rancid pool water.

The perimeter of the pool is lined with people screaming … screaming instructions about how to swim, screaming their advice, opinions, evaluations and judgements, screaming their encouragement and good intentions.

Suddenly there is  commotion amongst their feet. A dog leaps into the pool and paddles toward me. I throw a grateful arm over her back and together we muddle our way to the side of the pool.

This is why I have a psychiatric service dog.

5 Thoughts

  1. I love that image. A dog will not hesitate to jump in and swim out to where you are.

    I was 12 years in a marriage in which I felt all alone. Now I have a marriage (to the same man!) where I do not feel alone. It is a world of difference. Though, reading your posts makes me think a dog might be even better than the husband. 😉

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      1. Yes, I can see that would make a big difference. I’ve thought about getting a dog for several years but was afraid it would be too draining to have another being to care for. Maybe I would gain more than I give.

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