Makeover …

I’m currently participating in Blogging 201, customizing your blog and  feeling a little uncertain and overwhelmed by all the changes I’ve made thus far. Can you help a girl out? I would surely appreciate some feedback and/or advice. I don’t have a lot of faith in my design sensibilities.

What do you think? Are the changes easy on the eyes or are they unsettling?

16 Thoughts

  1. My only thing that I am not in favor of is the picture at the top. Can you change that or is that it. The trees look all washed out and the colors don’t go with the color of background very well. It is not awful it is just not color coordinated and another hint put a search button at the top of your right sidebar through the widgets. Just my opinion.

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    1. Thanks Tessa, I actually washed out the trees on purpose because my background is so intense; but I’m not wild about that decision. Just have no imagination for what kind of header to replace it.

      Tessa, I switched theme and header … how does this one look to you?

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  2. Hi Patrice, how are you?
    I quite liked your old theme, but as you do Blog 201 I think you’ll be experimenting a lot, so don’t worry too much about details for now!Go with the flow and make adjustments as you go along! I really like the picture because it’s serene, but the background is a bit harsh in comparison.
    But again, just play around a bit and if you come to no avail there is a lovely girl who can coach you to get your blog off the ground if you like…
    Good luckxx

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    1. Thanks Antonia, I was making these changes at 3:00AM and you’re right about the background. I softened it up a little bit. I had a laugh because it’s beginning to look like the color I painted my living room. That says something about about how it speaks to me.


      1. I like this peachy color more…but what do you like? Go with something your heart likes…your readers will like it too!
        Actually as I’m staring the screen I quite like what I see indeed!! yeaxxxx


        1. I just took your theme for a spin and you’re right there is not a whole lot of flexibility; but I did notice that you can change the background color. I was playing with a lovely butterscotch background for my site.

          I’m loving having a test blog because now I can try on themes and options with abandon. If nothing else it help me know what I do and do not like about my own site.


  3. I’m travelling so can only browse on my phone, but I think your blog works very well viewed on a phone, which is not always the case. The header works fine. I like the subtle colours. It places the emphasis on your posts rather than detracts from them. I’ll take another look on full screen as soon as I get chance.

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  4. I like it, particularly the picture in the left sidebar. The colors are soft and pleasant. Choosing a theme is really a nightmare, I could spend hours at it and still not come up with great results…

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    1. LOL … Thanks, Laura. I have lost entire days down that rabbit hole of trying on new themes. I finally started taking pictures of the previews and started a log so I would remember why I had dismissed or was on the fence about a particular theme.


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