Apologies to Shakespeare

To list or not to list
that is the quandary
that is the question

I subscribe to a theory that suggests we are all multiple personalities — it’s only a lack of integration/mindfulness that creates the problems in our lives. Ofttimes I feel as though there is a committee in my head and reaching consensus or wrapping my head around a particular challenge can  be incredibly time consuming affair.

I thought I might give you all a little peak under the hood, an experience of what it’s like to live in my head. This cacophony was generated by a simple suggestion that I write a post listing things I like, have or learned or wish for.

Welcome to my world

  • that’s an easy assignment, I can whip that out in no time at all …
  • This is dumb … why the hell would anyone want to read my list?
  • It’s just a stupid list … quit overcomplicating it
  • But I don’t feel a connection. Why would I want to write a list? Why would anyone want to read it?
  • Who the hell cares? You’re over-thinking it. Just Write The Damn Thing!
  • I care. I’m not writing just to put words on the page. I’m not a human doing. I want to bring something of myself to the challenge
  • Maybe I should find something else to write about.
  •  What’s wrong with you that you have to make everything so freaking complicated. Put your butt in the chair and write the damn thing. It doesn’t matter anyhow.
  • Yes, it does matter.
  • This is unproductive.
  • I’m exhausted.
  • What’s on TV?

8 Thoughts

    1. People keep telling me it’s brave … I’m trying to let that in. Mostly I think the stuff in my head is so all consuming that if I don’t write about it then I will have nothing to say. Someday I hope to get clear of the cobwebs.


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