A Space to Write

One truly unfortunate feature, when I bought my house last year, was the fact that my view from the breakfast nook was blocked by a metal building that serves as my garage.


And, my mind struggles to understand the thinking behind this unfortunate juxtaposition. I felt claustrophobic while sitting at the table and so it was almost never used.

Instead, I found the coffee table in my living room to be much more conducive to the journaling process. Since I live alone I’m able to commandeer any space I want for as long as I want.


So last summer I finally had the financial resources to rectify this situation and gave birth to my new writing space. I moved the garage, built a fence for my dogs and reclaimed a view out my windows


As you can see, I am sorely outnumbered by the four legged critters in my home; but they do make comfortable and compatible writing companions.


Tools of the Trade:

The times they are a changing. My journal of choice had always been the 0.99 cent graph composition book that I find at Walmart. I’m almost embarrassed to say I shop Walmart. Twelve years ago when I was still living in California it was a point of pride that I had never stepped inside a Walmart. But, eight years living in a motorhome and traveling the country changed all that.

Now that I’ve hung up my keys I’ve once again forsaken the Walmart habit save for my graph composition journals. Early this year I went to my local Walmart to replenish my stash and there were none on the shelves. I went back a week later and still no luck. I had to punt.


I perused the shelves and found this little gem. I’m currently on book number two and about to return to the store for iteration number three. Never in a million years did I think I was the type to choose pink flowers. But I did and it has grown on me.

When it comes to writing instruments I’m a tad bit (well maybe a lot) obsessive/compulsive. Bold Uniball Vision Elite is my weapon of choice. Blue — never black and I sometimes like to shake things up with assorted colors. It makes me insecure when my supply runs low. This is my current stash:


These are the basic components that I rely on to help me write. What about you? Do you have a space of your own?

7 Thoughts

  1. Thanks for a great blog. I love your photos and especially your four-footed companions! I have a brightly coloured A5 notebook for writing. The cover optimistically states “Thoughts and Doodles of an Undiscovered Genius” and this, together with an HB pencil, an eraser and a comfy couch to curl up on is all I need to write … anywhere, anytime!
    Looking forward to your next post! 🙂

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    1. LOL. That’s why my journal sits open and is so messy. I finally got it into my routine to scribble thoughts and ides into the journal.

      Jon Carroll writes a column for the SF chronicle. I went up to him at a party one time and he politely held up a finger for me to hold my thought, took me by the hand over to the hors du oeuvres table where he picked up a napkin and jotted down something down , then stuffed it in his shirt pocket. He smiled and said he had to catch his ideas any way he can.


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