Note to self …

Dish towels burn. It’s a good idea to remove them from the oven before you preheat.

I had quite the excitement this morning and all before I had my morning cup of brew. So if could have been worse. I could have burned down the whole damn house.

What happened was I had bread dough resting in a cold oven. I preheated the oven and turned to my attention to brewing my morning coffee. That’s when I smelled it. I had forgotten to remove the dough from the oven. I chronicle this mistake in hopes that I NEVER do it again.

I didn’t think to take photographs until after the fire was out (probably a good thing) and most of the evidence had been destroyed. The towel covering the bowl caught fire so I grabbed my tongs and deposited the burning pieces in the kitchen sink. This is what is left of my dish towel:

IMG_8620I doubt I can salvage the bowl. What you’re looking at is the burnt bowl with the dough that baked and some burnt towel hanging from the rim.

IMG_8615But I did manage to salvage enough dough for a biscuit sized baguette.


Voila. This is what all the excitement was about.


7 Thoughts

  1. I did this once, but was defrosting some meat that was still in the styrofoam and plastic container in cold oven and began to preheat for lunch. No fire but what a smell, could not salvage any of the meat. Here’s to the near misses of burning down the house!


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