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        1. My cats have always found me. I found/rescued Blizzard from an RV park. He was only about six months old and he got my attention because he matched my dog, Rosie – both are all white. Rosie was the only animal I had at the time. Anyway, the thought about being a matched set sort of took up residence in my brain and the next thing I knew I was taking him to the vet and making a home for him.

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          1. Ahh that’s just such a lovely story! It makes me feel even more envious. I’ve always had a cat around. However, I had to take two cats to the vets and both within a couple of years of each other had to be put down. The last one – Paddy was only 4 years old but never recovered after an incident with a car.
            I’ve moved to a small holding now so the environment is perfect for a cat. I feel the weeks I have off in the summer would be the best time to find one. It’s just whether I can handle the tie again of having a cat despite the love of having one.

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