Gender Bender Caterpillar

Anand over at Blabberwockying asked a very interesting question last week. Being ever curious about the story behind people’s wordpress usernames, he invited us in fifty words or less to comment on the origins of our names. I responded thusly:

Chrysalis is a caterpillar on her way to becoming a butterfly. I added the Ms. when I found a website where chrysalis was already being used.
 I never intended to blog anonymously; but I do feel more of a connection to my chosen name than to my given name, Patrice Guillaume. My last name is French for William and I was 28 years old before it was pointed out to me that Patrice is also male and French.

Anand tallied up his results and posted them here:  Stories Behind Your WordPress Names. As someone who has never felt truly comfortable in her own skin, I got quite a belly laugh over the moniker he has hung around my neck – Gender Bender Caterpillar. He seems to have hit the nail on the head.

I’m going to follow his lead and ask you, my readers, about the story behind your username. In fifty words or less, leave a comment telling us your story. At some later date I will tally up the results and post them here. In this way we can all get to know one another a little bit better.


5 Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the kind mention. I am really glad you liked the my monicker on your story 🙂

    Here is my story in 50 words or less:

    Anand: Sanskrit, means bliss. When I was born, I didn’t cry and family members felt blissful. Thinker, because I wanted to become one. Vibrant, word of God I used to listen.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

    Love and light<3

    Anand 🙂

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  2. When I started blogging, I was focused on adventures with my grandchildren. Suddenly, with a blink of an eye, they were teenagers. I consulted with a couple of fellow bloggers and felt, although a little too long, the name New England Garden And Thread about covered what I was all about now – day trips around New England, gardening and quilting. 🙂

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    1. Hi, Judy. I think your site is aptly named. It wears me out just reading about all your activities. I’ve just bought a home and have not so secret aspirations for edible landscaping in my yard. A master gardener class is on my list of activities for this winter.

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