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  1. Loved the Rilke quote! Living into the questions feels so right. For me, trying to take on huge resolutions is my downfall, trying to fix everything at once and solve every question….so I am trying to break things into smaller bits this year so I can move forward to publishing my book.

    I also wanted to say I hope you enjoy the Master Gardener Class. I took one 4 years ago and loved it! The manual alone was worth while and the others in my group are always sharing plants and knowledge. That has helped a lot as I knew little about Southern plants here in NC. Like you, I also wanted to change my pretty barren back yard and little at a time, I have. Now my garden, flowers, shrugs, trees and herbs, surround by yard and make it a haven for me. I hope you love your classes and your group! Jo


    1. I’m a west coast transplant now living in Tennessee … so, I also know very little about the plants that grow in this part of the country. I never got to the coastal areas of NC but did spend some time around the Winston Salem area. I rescued my cat, Blizzard, from an RV park when he was but six months old.

      thanks for the follow.

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      1. …and you as well! Our dog, a black German Shepherd is also a rescue…they are the best. Nessa and I share the garden with Mourning Doves, Cardinals, and multiple Wrens and Chickadees…and squirrels, which Nessa pursues tirelessly to keep them from the bird feeders!

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