Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet


This weeks photo challenge is Alphabet. I remember doing a double take on these road signs as I drove through Eminence, MO. The instructions were confusing and so I split the difference and drove 35 mph.

7 Thoughts

  1. Mm there has gotta be a reason why a town called Eminence has such confusing traffic signs – but the reason beats me. or maybe there are 548 eminent people living there. anyhow, i think that it means, the speed limits in eminence are always 30, unless it says something else, and for this particular stretch of road it does say something else, it says 40. but who’d be game? you might get a speeding ticket! it reminds me of a stretch of road in my hometown, where in a few hundred yards I counted at least ten speed signs, going from 40 to 20 to 30 back to 40… etc… crazy!

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    1. Or, perhaps it’s a symptom the shows up in bureaucracy, where one gets tunnel vision for fixing a particular problem or concern and never looks at how it fits with the big picture. Isn’t that why one has to practice bringing fresh eyes and beginner’s mind to the challenges in our lives?


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