Music Monday: Little Victories

I was thrilled when the album Natural History was released with this song, Little Victories  on it. You see, when I first heard the song, in 2011 at a venue in San Francisco, the song had not yet been recorded. In those days Rosie and I had become somewhat of a fixture at JD’s concerts and I was quite flattered when he would acknowledge us from the stage. One night he told the audience, “Rosie is the only one who gets to sleep through my performances.”

On this particular night, JD dedicated this song to me. I was unfamiliar with it; but the words cut into me. I remember feeling rather than hearing the song. It was surreal. Not only did I feel seen, I was left feeling exposed and naked. As if I had been undressed.

After the show, still shaken, I approached JD to try and say thank you. “I don’t know how you could know how perfect that song was …”

He took my hand, looked me in the eye and quiet yet emphatic said, “I know.”

He has no idea the extent of the gift he gave me that night. Celebrating the little victories has become something of a practice for me … just as one practices gratitude, I practice celebrating the little victories in my life. It’s an important antidote to the depression I struggle with.

I know only to well those days when a simple shower feels like an assault on Everest. The simple act of imagining some small acknowledgement or victory celebration on the other side is that little extra something that propels me from inaction to action.

Thank you, JD



When I look up the sky is falling
The signs of warning clearly drawn
So many of us here are drifting out to sea
Keep my head down to go on

Little victories
I know you need one
Little victories

In my hometown the family circles
They seem unsure and un-empowered
Oh, they don’t understand and you can’t help that
Though you can love so hard, that never comes back
Till you just can’t take it for one more hour

Little victories
I know you need one
Little victories

I know it hurts sometimes to look around
The sameness of it beats you down
And the best seems all behind
Before you start

Little victories
Oh, I know you need one
Little victories of the heart

Now as we face our uncertain future
Looking on uncharted seas
We see the tear that runs along the curtain
You step right through, you stand with me

Little victories
Everybody needs some
Little victories

Though it hurts sometimes to look around
Blindness only keeps you down
The best may lie beyond this present part
The sky opens, the waters part

Little victories
I know you need one
Little victories of the heart

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