Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

hog heaven


My late husband, Eddie, and I had such a laugh when we purchased this cookie jar. We thought it clearly epitomized our time together. We met late in life and had only four precious years together before cancer took him from me. He swept into my life and said,  “Hop on, baby. I’ll take you for a ride you will never forget.” And He did.

Life imitates art. This was us … right down to the tattoo on his right shoulder.

9 Thoughts

  1. Ahhhh, you put a lil smile on my face this morning ’cause you made think of my mum & late dad! It was 5 years the other day he’s passed away and it’s amazing to witness my mum’s healing path! She too has something similar to your jar and we always laugh looking at it. Yes, as you say, it’s bitter sweet…
    Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it xxx

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