Class is in session

My master gardening class began last week but problems with the weather meant that our handbooks did not arrive on time. Things somehow felt more real, this week, when I was handed a goody bag with handbook, magnifying glass, pen and prescription pad. Prescription pad? Really? Somehow it hasn’t sunk into my psyche that I may one day be a resource for others on the care and maintenance of their yards and gardens. Right now I’m focused on breathing new life into my own yard and then, perhaps, I’ll feel qualified to help others.

Truth is, right now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by this undertaking. Seriously, even the handbook is intimidating. The photograph doesn’t do it justice. That sucker weighs five pounds, is two inches thick and has 900 pages …


… 900 pages of specific, detail oriented information. It’s enough to make my head spin. I tend to get bogged down in details and lose sight of the big picture. It makes reading a challenge when there is a voice inside your head asking why your reading this in the first place and wondering what questions will be on the test. Forget about retention … I’m reading with only half a brain.

But, I dream of having a yard with edible landscaping. It’s been my dream since the early nineties when I first picked up a book on the subject by Rosalind Creasey. I fairly salivated at the notion of having artichokes and asparagus interspersed with petunias and rainbow chard as a focal point in my front yard.


For the next eleven weeks I’ll be slowly working my way through the class and book while doing my best to wrap my mind around levels of detail and observation that don’t come easily. This is all reminiscent of being in school. For Homework this week I have 85 pages to read and a vocabulary list of 200 words to become familiar with. This is a brave new world I’m exploring and I want to develop a strong and solid foundation. For the duration, if anyone needs me this is where you’ll find me.


Gone Shopping

I’ve gone theme shopping, once again. I abhor clothes shopping so perhaps this is becoming my version of retail therapy. Anyway, I hope some of you will take a moment to enter this site through its front door, by way of the home page, and give me your thoughts on the experience.

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