Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance

As winter fades into spring, an important part of the dance is coming together to weed the butterfly garden. A task made made less onerous when shared by friends.


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

This week’s photo challenge, one love is dedicated to my retired psychiatric service dog, Rosie. She crossed over this morning and now sleeps with the angels.  She was such a magnificent creature and has taught me so much about love and acceptance. I’ll leave you with some of my favorite photos of her.








R.I.P. my precious girl. Thank you for being such a loyal guide and faithful companion these past seven years.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

The sun peaks through the cloud cover and Thomas, in harmony with the weather and his environment, takes full advantage of the opportunity to catch a few rays.



Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

I am so ready for the gloom of winter to pass. These cold, gray and overcast days are affecting my state of mind and disposition.

Winter Gloom

Weekly Photo challenge: Seasons

For me, there is no better harbinger to the changing of seasons from winter into spring then the sunny daffodil. It lifts my spirit and inspires me to come out of the house and into my garden. Somehow the weather does not seem so cold when daffodils are in bloom.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art

hog heaven


My late husband, Eddie, and I had such a laugh when we purchased this cookie jar. We thought it clearly epitomized our time together. We met late in life and had only four precious years together before cancer took him from me. He swept into my life and said,  “Hop on, baby. I’ll take you for a ride you will never forget.” And He did.

Life imitates art. This was us … right down to the tattoo on his right shoulder.